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    Straight from CGO:

    With two weeks left in the application window for NASS 2009 CGO has received over 5,500 applications. This is an increase of 1,400 as compared to last year. This increases the competition for the 2,250 spots available and it is important that all candidates not elected understand this in no way negatively impacts a candidate’s chances at gaining an appointment to USNA. Please remember that NASS selection process is very different from the admissions process. Emphasis in the NASS process is placed on selecting candidates who geographically don’t have the opportunity to visit USNA and on areas determined by CGO as being under-represented throughout the country. Selections have started and will continue until all spots are filled.

    There are changes to the NASS program this year:
    • Candidates have the option of paying the $325 registration fee online
    • Medical insurance will be required to attend
    • Scholarships are available to attend on a case by case basis
    Questions should be directed to your BGO or regional director.

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