NASS Acceptance


Jan 9, 2017
I know there are a few threads about this but none with a real answer so I was wondering if anyone has received any word back for NASS and if not, when they will start coming out. Thanks
I would prepare to wait until April to know where you stand. I remember checking my email every 15 minutes for 3 months straight to hear back. I finally heard back on April 15th, the last possible day to hear back. So my advice would be to sit back, take a breath, wait patiently, and hope for the best!
Since NASS is a recruiting tool as much as anything else, I think it depends on where you are from. Last year, DS heard before the first of March - but I have a feeling our district is under represented (Central Michigan). I think they want to give the opportunity to potential students who aren't likely to visit the campus otherwise.
I just went back and checked. My DS received his e-mail notice on 3/1/16 and forms/payment were due by 3/13/16. He went to Session 1. Hope that helps.
only USAFA and USMA have sent out acceptances for SS i just got my acceptance email from usafa about 2 hours ago so I think were playing the waiting game with NASS