Oct 18, 2015
Hi Everyone!
I am attending Session 2 of NASS and I heard that we will be given the CFA while we are there. I am just coming off of an injury so I have not trained for CFA. If I do not pass will this affect me negatively in my application process?
I am nervous that what I do will affect my application and my profile for application later on

You can retake the CFA. I would focus on taking this one and then if you retake one later talk to your BGO and explain why you did and why the first one was a failure or low score. Focus on the positives saying you knew coming off an injury it would be hard, but you wanted to take it with your peers. You came home from NASS and created a training plan and knocked it out on a retake. Easy way to explain it away. Now if you languish and don't retake it until Dec or Jan, that doesn't give you much of a chance to utilize your BGO interview to explain this.

At NASS you are among peers which can really help when taking the test. Competitive environment always can help vice alone on a track.