NASS- choice?


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Jan 11, 2009
I said that i was available for NASS sessions 1 and 2. If I get accepted, do they assign you a session, or do they give you a choice of which session you want to go to? Just curious- Thanks!
My son's letter assigned him a session last summer. He went to session I.
I got accepted to AFA summer seminar after I applied to NASS. I signed up for session 3 of AFA summer seminar, but what if I get assigned session 3 of NASS too? I really want to do both, can I somehow request to do session 2 of NASS?
Last summer I applied to both USAFASS and USNASS and got accepted to both. The only problem was that they were both at the same time. Since I had already told AFA that I was going to their's for sure, I called USNA about it. The guy in charge of SS was extremely nice, and he allowed me to switch to the first session. So, it's definitely possible to switch, but don't rely too heavily on the chance of it happening.

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Thanks, I guess I'll hope for the best then. I probably shouldn't worry until I actually get accepted (knock on wood). I said I was available for session 2 or 3, so I have a 50/50 chance of not having to call and reschedule or not being able to go at all.