NASS Deadline?


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Oct 26, 2008
Hello, I was wondering if applications to NASS has a deadline to when it can be turned in, I know that applications opened up just now but I think it would be best for me to wait for my SAT results coming in Feb 12.

Another question, is the application process a first come first serve process?

And finally, as I was looking through the app it asked for some classes and there was a check box that marked its level, (IB,HN,AP) I have had classes in my Freshman and Junior year that had accelerated in its course meaning it's not as hard as honors or AP, but is considerably harder than regular, what should I mark down for that?
My son did not apply when the app. process opened up because he was attending Boys State and SLS already and we were not sure how he could fit it all in. When we visited USNA in March, the admissions officer asked him if he was attending NASS and told him to go home and send in his application. He got in and had a wonderful experience. He flew home from NASS, had 1 day to repack and head back to SLS. I don't know if the applications will be open that late this year, but that was our experience.
The SS application process is NOT 'first come, first serve'. It is not a lottery or like buying online tickets for a sold out sporting event. You might also check out the Academy website for further details on SS.

That website indicates:

"Selection is dependent upon the overall qualification of the student and our need to meet complete geographic representation."