NASS Fee Waiver


Jan 14, 2017
I recently got accepted to attend NASS and noticed that in the brochure that there is an option for scholarships (fee waiver) to attend NASS.

Has anyone done a fee waiver for NASS? My payments are due the 15th and I sent and email through the NASS online form 2 days ago and still waiting for a reply.
I received a scholarship for NASS. For me they took up to four days to respond. Once you fill out the form for the scholarship application you don't have to worry about the payment due date. They should respond to you soon
Yup I sent an email requesting it. It took them four days to reply
I want to wait for them to reply to my email, however my payment is due tomarrow. I noticed you said that I don't need to worry about the deadline but is there any chance I might lose my spot because of it?