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Jun 9, 2006
Is there a medical form that must be signed by a physician in the NASS packet this year? Or did we miss it? There is a medical POA but no physician's form.

WP had a physician's signature page for SLS and a POA, as well. It seems strange that there isn't one for NASS.

Another Q:

The NASS letter states that the program "can only accommodate 750 students in each of the three sessions." That sounds like a total of 2250 students for the entire program if I am reading that right. Is this number higher than in summers past?

The WP letter said "800 young Americans invited to attend the...SLS." Two sessions are offered so I'm guessing that's close to 400 per session.

Is there any significance to the number of students admitted to these summer programs?
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Is there any significance to the number of students admitted to these summer programs?

Supply and demand, sealion, supply and demand.

They did tell us tha NASS would be larger this summer. Looks like it is even though I dont remember exactly what it was last year.
Wow! That's $675,000 that NASS takes in; less the wages paid to the counselors (cadre, in this case.):wink:

Really it's a bargain though ($300) compared to various leadership conference invitations that are offered to high school students. It appears that the average is between $750 to $1,000 per week judging by the offers that have hit our mailbox.
^^^Nah, I don't don't think they get any more money than their usual monthly allowance. It was really just a poorly executed joke.
Gonna hijack this for a minute .....

Supply and demand, sealion, supply and demand.

not so fast. West Point turns down many many kids for SLS. For USNA to expand NASS - I assume they would require more cadre - those cadre that are running summer seminar are not doing other summer training. Not that cadre at summer seminar is a bad thing. It is a fabulous leadership opportunity. But it is probably much cheaper to have a mid run NASS than go out for field training.

West Point only has two weeks available in the summer. They run their summer camps during the third week. SLS and Camps are all over when Beast begins.

From what I hear the two programs are really different from each other - SLS is more academically oriented while NASS is more - well, swimming and sailing.
I am sure both programs would like to accommodate more kids but resources are a limiting factor.

Sealion - I take it your youngun' is going to both? It will be great to get a report in June on both programs!

There is no form that needs a physician's signature for NASS. The Medical Power of Attorney form that has to notorized is all they require.
The NASS cadre fulfills a summer training requirement for small leadership. 3/c's who do NASS still have their 3/c fleet cruise to look forward to in in blocks 2 or 3. (or had it if it was block 0) Summer is 4 - three week blocks that all Mids do at least two training blocks.

3/c's can choose or be voluntold for a YP, Sailing or Nass assignment and then a Fleet assignment.

2/c's all will be at program called Protromid where they will spend a week with each community: subs, surface and marines. Their second assignment they can request multitude of different assignments.

1/c's have many opportunities along with Plebe summer detail.

The Mids do at least 6 weeks of Summer Training...