National Guard & 3 year scholarship....


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Feb 8, 2017
I've never posted here, just creeped on conversations. I hope someone here can answer my question.

My son enlisted in the national guard last March under the split option plan. He went to basic training last summer and is scheduled for AIT this June. When he applied for the ROTC scholarship, they said he would have to be released from the national guard in order to accept the scholarship.

Today, he found out that he was awarded the three year to his top two schools. When will he have to be releases from the guard? Can stay in the guard through his first-year since he will not be receiving scholarship money that year?

He has really been looking forward to AIT (Ft. Beginning - infantry) because his buddies from basic are all going back at the same time.

He asked his recruiter, but he doesn't know. He asked his dad (30 years army) who is just as clueless. Anyone have any experience here?
Have him call the ROO ( recruiting and operations officer) at the school where he'll be using his scholarship. They should be able to provide guidance.