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Nov 7, 2008
My son received a letter from USMA that states that he has "been fully qualified and placed on the national waiting list." The letter also states that "several hundred cadetships will be filled from this waiting list. I found an old thread (about one year ago) on the forum that stated that only 150 individuals are placed on the list and that the likelihood of an appointment from the list is slim to none. Hover, the letter from USMA clearly states that several hundred appointments will be made from the list.

How many applicants are placed on the list and what are the realistic chances of gaining an appointment from the waiting list?

The letter is correct. Always believe information from admissions over what you read in a forum.

Congratulations to your son! He now waits. During this time, he should continue to update his file and show his interest to admissions. If WP is indeed his first choice.
Depending on how far down the waiting list he is - he may be offered an opportunity for an AOG scholarship to a prep school for a year.
If he is offered a prep scholarship, he remains on the waiting list and could still receive an appointment.
If he has not made a candidate visit - this would be a great time to schedule one.

The chances vary from year to year and depend on the competition. He is qualified to attend and will be offered an appointment if room is available. Unfortunately, not every qualified candidate receives an appointment the first year they apply.
my director of admissions just told me that i am on the national wait list. all we can do is update our files and continue to express interest. however, his email stated that about 300-400 get offers from the list. have you been accepted to your backups or heard anything about the wpssp?

i guess a lot of us are in the same boat; is there anyone out there who has been through this?
all we can do is update our files and continue to express interest.
Do not underestimate the power of this. If you want an appointment or an offer to the WP Preparatory Scholarship program then keep in touch with your regional commander and/or MALO. These offers can occur quite late in the spring.

My daughter was told in April she was being considered for the WP PSP - she didn't receive the offer officially until the end of May. She has a friend who was called in June for an offer to USMAPS.

Being on the NWL is a test of intestinal fortitude. Hang in there. Many many candidates withdraw from the process and/or reject their prep offers as we move through the spring.

I was trying to think of where the 150 number came from -
US Code states that the Sec of the Army may select 150 applicants from qualified alternates. (Those who won a nomination but didn't win the slot)
However, after all the spaces are filled by certain nominations they still need to "fill the class". They will offer appointments by merit to those on the NWL to fill the class. This can mean 300-400 appointments.
thank you for the information. i have some other questions for justamom now, and for anyone else who knows anything not already stated:

1. so your daughter got the alumni scholalarship. where did she go? i'm assuming she got in the next year no problem?

2. what exactly are the 150 qualified alternates? in another post a mom of a boy who got in last year said that all but one of georgia's senator's nominations got in (the one had a DODMERB issue). this senator does the competitive method for nomination. so does having this senator as my sole nomination help or hurt my chances now that i am on the nwl?

3. anybody else out there with us?
1. She went to Marion Military Institute. All the AOG scholars went there last year. 40 started, one dropped out early deciding he didn't want a military career, one was medically dq'd shortly before R-day and will be in the class of 2013. Of the remaining 38, all received appointments.

2. It is just a number in the US Code. These are spaces that US Code allows the academy to fill from qualified alternates since they understand some districts are very competitive. Since the academies have expanded they actually have more spaces available.
Many MOC's have multiple candidates win appointments - often times they have other nominations as well, e.g. Presidential or other service related nominations.
I should add, in addition to my daughter's congressional nomination she also got a ROTC nom from the ROTC unit at MMI.

The fact that you have a Congressional nom is good. This is the legal authority the academy needs to offer you an appointment.
The only thing that matters now is how you rank against the others on the NWL.
My son was an AOG Prep Scholar two years ago and attended New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI). He was on the NWL and was offered the civil prep scholarship in early April. I'm not sure how many AOG preps were there but all of them received an appointment.

If anyone is offered civil prep and they really want West Point, I recommend you take it. Yes you have to do an extra year of college but it seems like most young people need more than 4 years to complete their bachelors degree anyway.

If anyone has questions about NMMI let me know.

The waiting begins.....
My son graduated last year and was 16th on the NWL by late May of 2008. He was offered an AOG scholarship and attended Marion Military Institute this year. He just received word from our MOC's office that he has an appointment for the Class of 2013. One instructor at MMI told us that very few candidates get in on their first try right out of high school. I will tell you that the skills, independence, and maturity our son gained this year will serve him well at West Point.

A former AOG scholar told me that civilian prep school is like "West Point Lite". It gives you a taste of what is to come and does what the name implies; it "preps" you to be successful at an academy. If you do not get an appointment this year and really want to go to the USMA, I would recommend you go the prep school route. There are several schools, but MMI seems to get the largest number of applicants and has a terrific acceptance rate. Another bonus is that is the least expensive of all. Best of luck to you.
Congratulations to your son!
My daughter attended MMI last year in the SAP program and is a plebe.
You are right - the skills, independence and maturity will do your son well. My daughter went to Beast with 38 friends.
She also has several friends at other service academies.

How many AOG scholars are at MMI this year?
does everyone get a letter if they are? i only know because the major in charge of my region told me.
Looks like about 36 from the pictures on the MMI website. I e-mailed my D, asking her if she knew but she hasn't replied. I think she is busy with the ROC cycle of the new incoming cadets (at least that is the excuse I'll make for her silence this early in the new semester:frown:).

Here is the link to the pictures of all the SAP cadets at MMI this year:
how does national waiting list work?
is it that only if the #1 from your district/state drop their offer?
or do they have extra spots somewhere?
i am the most experienced with prep school. Eventhough i wasnt an AOG, I got an appointment by attending marion military institute this past year. Marion sucks, but it is good prep for west point.
how does national waiting list work?
is it that only if the #1 from your district/state drop their offer?
or do they have extra spots somewhere?

Both. If the person above you on your Congressional nomination list does not receive (mostly due to medical dq)
I have to fix this - I began to post and hit the wrong key, was booted out and had to run. I didn't think it would take.

Anyway - NWL - the answer is both. At West Point all Fully Qualified candidates who are not selected from their MOC slate go on the NWL.
You can get in on your Congressional if the appointee rejects the appointment, never received the appointment (medical dq) or becomes dq'd before R-day. If you are next on the list, you may be offered an appointment.
The otherway is competing against all other candidates who are qualified and in a big pool to fill the class. They appoint candidates by order of merit until the class is filled. If an opening arises they appoint the next on the list.