Naval academy loa requirements?


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Jul 17, 2008
I was wondering if anyone knows which parts of the USNA application need to be completed to be considered for and recieve a LOA to Annapolis. I am asking this because I received a LOA to WP a few days ago with nothing but the preliminary application.

First WP gives them out much earlier than USNA. That being said, it by no means says they want you more. It is what it is. Their admissions process is just different.

I can speak of the requirements for the Class of 2010. I am not sure if anything has changed but for that class you needed to have everything completed with the exception of 4 items:

1. CFA
3. BGO Interview
4. Nomination

The way the LOA read for the class stated that you are guaranteed an appointment IF you successfully complete those four items.

From the USNA Admissions page:
The USNA uses a selection process known as "rolling admissions." As soon as all of your candidate packet forms are received, the Admissions Boards will determine your scholastic "whole person" qualification. If your record of achievement is truly outstanding, you could receive an early offer called a Letter of Assurance. This indicates our intent to extend an Offer of Appointment, provided all your remaining requirements (nomination, CFA, Blue and Gold Officer interview and medical) are successfully completed. A Letter of Assurance could be received as early as September of your senior year. Of course, final admission will depend on continued success and good standing in your high school as well as continuing to maintain your qualifications for the Naval Academy.

My Mid had everything completed with the exception of the Nomination. He received his LOA in October. He did CFA at NASS, BGO interview was late July and DoDMERB cleared in September. I do know plenty of early LOA's that never got DodMERB clearance until late in the process, and Most MOC nominations do no come through until December/January time frames.
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I didn't realize the CFA wasn't necessary to be eligible for a LOA. I would have thought otherwise so the admissions board could gauge fitness levels of the candidates beforehand.
I have *heard* that USNA now wants the CFA done before an LOA is issued. USMA doesn't require it but makes it a condition of receiving an appointment. There is also a deadline - if the conditions are not met by the deadline then the LOA is revoked and the spot opened for another candidate.

Also keep in mind that many candidates who receive LOA's also attended NASS or SLS - they have the opportunity to take the CFA there and pass it. At SLS candidates also have an interview.

bobcatmatt - did you attend SLS by any chance?
I did not attend SLS but I did attend NASS and passed the CFA there. Will my passing CFA scores translate over to WP?
Possibly, you should call West Point admissions to be sure. If so then they can get your scores from USNA.