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    On the application it asks me for a "Grade Summary". One of the classes it asks for is English 11. I am currently in AP English 11, and I have an A, so do I put that I have an A or do I put that I haven't taken it yet? My grade is only a 91 in it so I wouldn't call it a guarantee that I get an A in the class. Thanks!

    Also, it asks "How many sports teams were you designated as a captain?"
    I have been a captain in a city basketball league, but not on the varsity football team I am on(the only sport I play at my school). Do I put that I have been a captain in one sport or does that not count since it's simply a rec league?
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    You are to give the classes you have taken, and those you are currently taking. If it is a current class, give your best estimate for a final grade. I would give yourself credit for begin a captain, and explain that it is a rec league in the comments section underneath.

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