Naval Academy summer seminar


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Jan 7, 2007
Help! i was going to applie to this seminar, however i discovered that my PSAT scores were pretty bad. My school grades are pretty decent though, i have a 3.6 average and i participate in various clubs and sports. Should i just wait to take my SAT in May and w:confused: ait for the score, or just apply now?
If you're worried about your score there are some very fine programs including Kaplan and Princeton Review that offer SAT Review.
I got like a 1600 on it. I am currently going to sign up for Test Takers to try to bring up my grade.....
I would say retake the test and resend ur scores and hint ask them if you can just send them a copy because all the places I applyed to they said a copy would be fine rather then paying to send ur scores. Good Luck!
Go ahead and sign up. Even though it will be filled, when you get your SAT results, call your BGO and the admissions office and see if they can get you in.
Also I found that the ACT were a lot easier. Maybe its because I like science and they have a science part.
Yeah, i'm also thinking aobut taking the ACT and sending in that one as well because people have told me that it is much easier than the SAT. However i am also going to take the SAT to try to make my application look better. THanks for the advice everyone:thumb:
Just some words of advice. Do not worry if you don't get in. It does not mean that you won't have a chance to be a midshipman. I didn't get in SS, probably because my psat and my first sat scores were rather low. However, I have an offer of appointment to USNA and letters of assurance to USMA, USMMA, and USAFA. Just don't give up. From what I have heard, the Naval Academy's Summer Seminar is phenominal. So if you do get into SS, more power to you and it definately won't hurt when you actually apply to the Academy. Good Luck.
Thanks marine, ill try to keep that in mind so that i wont freak out:shake: ...
Also i was wondering what else would help me look better for my chances of becoming a midshipman....
So far in high school i have:
* volunteered at a hospital
* recieved the unsung hero award in lacrosse
* a most dedicated award in swimming
* team captain of the swim team
whoops.... forgot to add a couple of things... lol
* i am part of the student athletic training club
* i am a memeber of teen fellowship
* i am a lifeguard as well
.... THanks
A couple of things:
The ACT test is not "easier". It is different. More knowledge based. You still need to get a book and prepare for it. The academy only looks at the English and Math scores. They don't factor in science or reading (no reason not to blow off that part of the test, however).
You can take the ACT's in Feb and the SAT's in March. You also may find your SAT score is higher than your PSAT score.

Things you can do to increase your chances for an appointment:
Look at the strength of your schedule in high school for your senior year. If you can take Calculus (AP if possible). If you already had Chem and Physics take either AP chem or physics if your school offers them. The academies want to see that you are challenging yourself academically by taking the most challenging courses your school has to offer.
i agree with usna69...
apply now, and forward better scores when they come in. my son applied on psat scores last year that were above avg but not great. he then did well on the act and he sent those scores through his regional contact and was selected for aim.

he also went to nass. he loved them both.
I think i am going to do that and forward up my SAT scores later... I'm thinking of taking the ACTS to double up my chances. Also im already planning up my schedule for next year...
Thanks Just a mom and app ma

Oh yeah... Forgot to thank you too USNA
I already picked to have my SATs to be taken in May because i feel i have more time to prepare because my writing scores are pretty horrible. Also I'm taking the ACT in march.. Sorry my school doesnt test us for the ACT so i have to go to another school to take the test:mad:
Summer Seminar

Marine is right

1800 young people go to USNA Summer Seminar - roughly 600 of that pool gets Appointments to USNA. There are roughly 1500 Appointments offered to every class, so you can see there are many other young people who do not go to Summer Seminar that do end up as a Midshipman.

Also the good thing about applying for Summer Seminar is that it opens your application to admission to USNA. You can always update this information with better test scores. So the sooner you apply, the earlier your application is in the processing mode as well.:thumb:
Hey peskemom long time no hear from! How is dd doing at USNA? Give us an update.
Bossf51 thanks for asking...
Daughter Plebe was home for Christmas. She looked teriffic. USNA definitely agrees with her. Yeah, there's the stupid, dumb, crazy stuff and she is not reticent about telling us about that. But she has kept sane with all the fun of Glee Club Concerts, Swing Dance Club practices and dances, her Christian activities and she has had great roommates. Found out her ranking in Company were VERY high - which means her Midshipman Company Officer and her Commissioned Company Officer think she is doing teriffic as well. Her grades were great and she is starting to get the hang of Arabic - which is her major. I think having a dad who survived USNA has helped her tremendously. She'll mention this often to us when things get nutty. The biggest piece of advice to give any future mid prepared for good phone calls and down phone calls, a happy mid:smile: , sad mid:frown: , mad mid:unhappy: , tired mid, hyper mid:shake: ---you just don't know which 'mid' you'll get when you talk, but the mid is YOUR wonderful child through it all. I always tell my kiddo she is amazing, she is wonderful, we are proud of her, we believe in her, she can do it....Yup....I'm a regular broken record Italian mamma cheering section. Between that verbal stuff and the regular care boxes I mail to her - both she and I feel better!!!