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    Hello all,
    apologies if I am jumping in this thread with a personal "dilemma".
    My DS is a Midshipman 1/C due to commission and graduate in engineering at a rather well known Ivy League University this Spring. He is a very bright young man and will probably graduate will full Honours etc... He was made aware only relatively late that he may have a chance to compete for a Naval Officer Scholarship Program for a Masters. The Graduate School accepted him immediately and, to make a long and complicated story short, he by hook or by crook managed to get his application in at very last minute. Just when all hope was lost, kudos to the US NAVY, his application was accepted and the NOPS scholarship offered. Unfortunately, when finally all pieces seemed to have fallen in place it became apparent that the merit scholarship amount offered by the University is just shy of the 50% of total tuition costs required by Navy regulations to fulfill OPNAV 1520.24D . This is the highest amount scholarship available so it would be impossible to cover the 50% of tuition through this means as required by the regulations. The actual residual $ cost is not a problem as the money is readily available as the difference between the amount offered by the scholarship and what is actually required is a rather small amount. Is there anyway a waiver could be contemplated ? I would really appreciate any help in this matter as DS is totally dedicated and appreciated by both cadre and academic professors. It would be a shame to lose this opportunity for just a very few '000s of $ (especially since we could easily make up the difference ).
    My hope is that anyone familiar with the process at NPS in Pensacola might help .....
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    How about calling up the official at the University and asking him/her directly to consider either lower the cost of the Masters Degree or pony'in up a little more $ so that his merit scholarship amount offered by the University reaches the threshold?

    I am sure when given a choice of a little more or NOTHING, they will help fix it.

    Those Ivy's have a lot of resources they can tap to help fill seats
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    Ask for the university veteran/military advisor in admissions.

    USNA mids with IGEP (Immediate Grad Ed Pgms) are in the same fix. They are in a mentored group called UK Scholars, and they are steered toward applying for grants that make up the rest of the 50%. Lots of essays, but there are years of shared knowledge and experienced coaching from faculty advisors as the USNA mids get Rhodes, Marshall, Fullbright and others, and find the grant money to go to Ivies, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, etc.

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