Naval Reserve as backup option?


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Dec 1, 2008
As the end of senior year fast approaches, my family and I have started to make plans if I were not to receive an appointment to a academy. One of these plans is to attend a University with an NROTC program and reapply. The other, attend a private prep school and reapply.

There is one final path that sounds the most appealing to myself, which is join the Naval Reserves.. while possibly attending a community college or university.. and if even more possible... be apart of a NROTC unit.

First off, is an enlistment in the Naval Reserves with a NROTC involvement even possible? Would that help me chances at an appointment for the following year? What complication would arise from my overall plan? Is it even a good idea at all?
Certainly this is an option. In fact, the Army has a program called the Simultaneous Member Program (if I recall correctly) where you can do just that -- maybe Navy does too. But, the "catch" not always mentioned with the SMP is that once you are part of a unit you GO with that unit if it mobilizes. I live in a university town and some students are in the SMP with the local reserve/guard (Army) units. They were just activated. The "students" will mobilize too and will just have to finish up their college later, probably in 15-18 months.

So, do your homework.