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Discussion in 'OTS/OCS/PLC' started by wildflower, May 3, 2014.

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    May 3, 2014
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    I am currently looking at ways to get into the intel community for the Navy. My desired rate is an information warfare officer, but I am open to any rating as long as its in this community. If I go through NROTC, I cant get into the restricted pipeline, yet I have no way to fully pay for college if I dont. However, I need to go through OCS to get into the restricted community, but the odds of that happening are very slim. I also have no desire whatsoever to go to the Naval Academy. I want to enjoy my college years. Maybe my research is incredibly off, but what can I do to get into the rating I want?
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    If you sign up for any college program you will have a chance of not getting the community you desire. The only way to guarantee something like that is to pay for college on your own and then sign up through OCS.

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