Navy - 72 ; N Texas - 64


Jun 15, 2006
Navy - 74 ; N Texas - 62

Most scoring in a Division 1 game ever.

Most Navy BBall fans scouring the internet trying to figure out when Navy added another basketball game.

Most disgusted winning coach ever.

What other records were broken?

OBTW, does USNA still play Battalion football? We have got to find some defensive players. Maybe the 12th "man" could number 12 and all play defense.
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I talked to my parents who were in attendance at this game and they said it was ridiculous. Neither team could stop the other. My parents did mention that the tailgating was excellent and even though they were wearing "Sink Navy" shirts they were allowed to partake when they mentioned that their son and daughter-in-law were both on active duty in the Navy. There were a lot of navy supporters and a few midshipmen around to cheer on the winning side.

UNT would probably be a good game for the midshipmen every year. Large support in the North Texas area, a lot of Texas midshipmen on the team and in the Brigade, and would probably be a win for Navy in most years. UNT is also building a new stadium in the next few years.

Typical of the news articles:

"There's all kinds of mistakes. They get beat deep, they get beat short and don't tackle," Johnson said. "We can't get pressure and we can't cover. It's a deadly combination. When you get that many points hung on you, it ain't one thing."

Johnson, who seemed downright disgusted afterward, said there was no honor in having partaken in the highest-scoring regulation game in NCAA history