Navy Beats Duke


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Aug 29, 2007
This was a tough win for Navy. Most everyone there, including a lot of the Midshipmen, was convinced that Navy would lose. But the Mids always stayed within striking distance of the Blue Devils, and they rallied to tie in the fourth quarter. A last second field goal by backup kicker Joey Bullen sealed the victory at 46-43. A real slugfest.

Next week Air Force. I'll be there and I expect a tough game.:smile:
Missed the game and sorry I did. However, I listened to it on the radio and watched the little sticks move up and down my computer screen (USNA website links both to Gametracker and Navy live radio coverage). Didn't want to drive three weekends in a row so I probably missed the best game. AF is going to be tough, coming off a humiliating loss to BYU yesterday.

The passing game is coming around. Gotta get rid of the interceptions. And we probably, after yesterday, will continue to be the # i ranked ground offense in the nation. Just wish all those defensive guys weren't injured.