Navy Cheerleading


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Feb 22, 2009
Does anyone know how difficult it is to make the cheerleading squad at the Academy?
How many girls usually try out?
And is tumbling required.. if so how advanced does the tumbling have to be?
It depends. Some years have alot of mids trying out , others don't. To make the blue squad tumbling is required. My firstie has been cheering for the four years there, started on the gold squad and moved to blue the middle of plebe year and stayed there throughout the 4 years (moved to captain last basketball season and remained captain all of this year). There are very few on the squad this year that cheered all 4 years...I believe only 2.
I'm hoping to be able to cheer next year. I've been a competitive cheerleader this past year and I want to continue cheering as I am very passionate about it.
We have a friend on the Gold squad and she just simply tried out and made it. She loves it! From what I understand, Gold is all Plebes and then they move on to Blue. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Gold is a combination of plebes, youngsters and 2nd class. Blue has a couple of plebes, some youngsters, some 2nd class and firsties. Each year this changes though. Last year had no plebes on blue (different coach). This year they got a new coach and he looks at skill and experience. You will need to be able to work with a guy partner. If you have experience you should be fine.