NAVY-ECU: Navy definitely wins pre-game show


Jun 15, 2006
The pre-game flyover was a section of F/A-18Fs (two seat Super Hornets) out of Oceana. After the flyovers, they park at Andrews AFB where USNA meets them and brings them to the game where they get an on-field introduction. The pilot of the #2 jet was Lt "Ship" Byrd, USNA 2002, and HER Wizzo was another female out of 2003. Both they and the crowd "ate it up". The squadron competition by USNA grads to do Navy football flyovers is relatively intense, I'm sure, and I think this is the first time two very junior females have had the opportunity to do one. I loved it. So for you parents out there who cannot picture your little girls becoming fighter pilots, they are doing it and doing a great job.