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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by BlahuKahuna, May 11, 2011.

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    I'm working through my NROTC scholarship application (I'm currently applying Navy option) and I've gotten a couple of conflicting pieces of information from recruiters/coordinators and some friends who have submitted applications. Here are my questions:

    1.I can only submit one NROTC scholarship application, right? I had a friend who has a Marine Corps file open tell me that it's possible to open two separate files (one Navy and one Marine Corps), but that didn't sound right to me.

    2.How difficult is it to switch from Navy to Marine option while in NROTC? My recruiter told me I could switch up until my junior year.

    3.Can I switch from Navy to Marine option if on scholarship?

    I'm trying to get my application in as early as possible. Obviously, my Navy recruiter wants me to apply Navy option, but I'm trying to research each option thoroughly before submitting anything. Thanks!
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    1. One or the other.
    2. I don't know.
    3. Probably not.
    You will learn that the recruiters are extremely annoying with the Navy scholarship. I don't know why they even contact applicants at all, because none of the other services do. I'd rather just do it on my own. My recruiter even told me that applicants who complete their applications under their jurisdiction don't even count towards any quotas of theirs. Obviously, their monthly enlistment quota won't be affected by a scholarship applicant, so I don't really understand why they pursue scholarship applicants at all when they can do the application on their own.

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