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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by green4life, May 25, 2010.

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    Am interested for a Colleagues daughter as to anecdotes and wisdom of a NROTC 3 yr schollie leading to Navy Nursing commission. Friends D just graduated HS and is entering Nursing. Thoughts welcome. Thanks!
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    If she wants to be a navy nurse a three year scholarship is better than a two year scholarship but not as good as a four year scholarship.

    If she is interested in either the Air Force or Army they also need nurses and offer in-college scholarships.
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    I don't have any direct information on the NROTC Nurse option; however, if you have someone who is interested I highly, highly recommend they get in contact with a Nurse Corps junior officer and get some valuable insight into being a Navy Nurse. You want someone who is an ensign or a Lt(jg), by the time they have hit LT the vast majority of navy nurses are out of hospital floor nursing and have made their way into the more managerial positions.

    There are some great training opportunities for Navy nurses though including the CRNA program, critical care, post-operative, and others but seems that the majority run from hospital floor care at the first opportunity.

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