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    To whose you are serving and to those looking to serve the greatest county on earth,

    I am writing today in efforts of receiving guidance and genuine insight and any constructive criticism if that is indeed warranted.

    I'm 24 years old with a desire to be apart of something bigger than myself. For the last four years I have pursued a career in the fire service. As nothing as panned out I have began my pursuit in becoming a proud airmen for the United States Air Force where I can serve my county and truly help others who may or may not be privileged to do so for themselves.

    I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications from Arizona State University as well as an associates degree from a local community college in Southern California. GPA overall would be around a 3.33. Aside from my formal education I have put myself through numerous training and education programs to propel myself in the fire service. I currently obtain the following certifications and training;

    Firefighter 1 and 2

    Emergency Medical Technician

    Hazardous material first responder

    FEMA (government FEMA) professional
    development course for emergency management

    CPR card

    Phlebotomist training

    Would my self motivation to achieve all these accolades help me pursue a career as an officer? Each of those accolades required a great sense of determination and work ethic.

    One might think with all this fire related training I would like to pursue a career in the fire service in the military but in all honestly I want to become a pilot. I have done my research and meet all the requirements. Is there truly a shortage of fighter pilots in the Air Force as well as navy? If so how does that impact people chances of becoming one.

    The only negative I have in my young adult life is sadly I was arrested for defacing. Won't bore you with details but the final outcome of the case was that the state dismissed all charges and the case was dismissed. From my research a defacing arrest is a category 4 offense and would not require me to get a waiver. Would this have a huge negative impact on my opportunity to become an officer.

    I appreciate everyone's insight as this process means the world to me. Thank you to those who have made the sacrifice to serve your country and good luck to everyone in your pursuits.

    Very Respectfully,

    Battalion 91
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    I am not going to touch the rest of your questions, leaving that to someone who knows better.

    On the fighter pilot shortage, yes, there is a shortage of fighter pilots in the AF. However, there is not a shortage of young men and women hoping to become fighter pilots. The shortage stems from a number of causes, but basically pilots are leaving faster than they can be replaced. The timeline for taking an inexperienced person and making them into a mission-ready fighter pilot is about 4 years and there are just not enough aircraft, instructor pilots, and training bases to push any more through at this time.

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    I am not clear why you posted your question in the USNA forum, since you are asking about opportunities in the Air Force. You are no longer eligible to attend USNA since you are older than the max age (23). Your path to flying in the Air Force would have to be by some other method and I will also leave that to those more familiar with those options.
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    I have no answers to your question--but I recommend you research OCS programs as that is the route you will need to go. I'm sure folks in OCS programs would be able to answer all you questions and then some. Best of luck!

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