Navy ROTC Application Deadline & Timing


Mar 1, 2020
Hello everyone! I hope everything has been going well since I was last on here a few months ago! To briefly recap my situation, I had been awarded a NROTC scholarship last year and had decided to attend Yale! Unfortunately, due to the ongoing world situation and some personal family stuff going on, I elected to take a gap year.

Now, the time has come to re-apply for the scholarship. I know that I'm late with the reapplication process, but my internship commitments are just starting to taper off. My questions is if next week is too late to send in an application, in the sense that I will be at a disadvantage applying toward the latter end of the cycle?

Also, given that I for all intents and purpose "declined" my scholarship by electing a gap year, will I be viewed negatively by the board? I've definitely been doing some very productive things during this gap year which would make great additions to my application, but the fact that I decided to forgo the scholarship lat year is a but concerning.

In terms of raw stats (which I know don't make an application) I'd say I am fairly competitive. Physically, I think I'm competitive as well since I've ben training with the intention of getting a commission on the SEAL pipeline (I understand its a loft goal).
Definitely not too late to apply. It sounds like there has only been one board held so far. I believe the deadline in years past has been in January, but check current deadlines. As far as how your decision to decline the scholarship will affect your application this year, no one knows. You will have to go through the process and see. Just be ready to explain the reasons for your decision and what you have been doing with your time. The decision might make it more difficult with your teacher recommendations, so I'd suggest getting on it and being proactive to get things completed. If you don't end up with a scholarship this year, join as a college programmer and compete for a side load. If you were competitive enough to get a national scholarship last year, you should be able to earn your way to a commission with some hard work.
DS didn't start his NROTC application until mid November of SR year after his BGO recommended it. It was a bit hectic in Jan to finish last couple items, but he got it done and was offered a scholarship in March. As a parent, I wished he had done it earlier, but it is still certainly doable.
You clearly are a strong student by nature of gaining admission to Yale and with this past crazy year, I can’t imagine any board looking unfavorably upon you for life circumstances that came up. In many ways it shows a maturity that often young people don’t have yet. Get that application in and best wishes to you.
Certainly not too late to apply. Three years ago my DD didn't start her application until January but was able to meet the deadline and was awarded a scholarship April 25th. Go for it.