Navy v. Air Force with color vision deficiency


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Aug 6, 2007
I have a color vision deficiency. I did not pass the PIP or Falant. Air Force Academy did not disqualify me for this and I have received an appointment. USAFA flew me out for a visit shadowing a cadet and I loved it. My heart was with USNA in the beginning but the visit was so great it put me on the fence. The Superintendant at USNA will decide color vision waivers in April and I understand that very few are given but I have an LOA and may have a shot. Let's say I happen to get the waiver, my question is...

Which service would have the best opportunity for me as far as careers that I will be qualified to do, advancement etc.? Maybe some of you with prior military may know? I am interested in intelligence and engineering but know that I could change my mind once I am at one of the academies if something else seems more appealing. I have tried researching online but it is hard to know if I am looking at all of the variables.

Did you know before applying that you had a color vision problem? Otherwise, I would ask if you are absolutely sure that the FALANT test was administered properly?
"The Superintendant at USNA will decide color vision waivers in April..."

curious as to where you got this info? my son is also waiting on the same for color vision deficiency. Isnt Dobmerb/BUMED involved in the waiver after offer of admission? thanks.

Did not know I had a color vision deficiency. I can identify all colors. Yes, it was administered properly.

Was told by admissions and RetNavyHM that color vision deficiency waivers were decided by the supe. I think this is the only waiver decided by the supe. I had been calling admissions asking if they had heard when he would look at them and received a phone call from admissions stating that it would be in April. I have heard that they are narrowed by LOA's.

My math... 200 or so LOA's, subtract the females then figure the percentage of males on average that are color blind. I may have a chance. I know only a handful are given.

My question still is if anyone knows which service would have more opportunities, restrictions or better advancement.