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    Navy2010 posted a great list of tips for I-Day on the "other forum" about this time last year: Post #11.
    Last year our son was a "hopeful", but I copied and saved that post because I thought it had such great information and was HOPING we'd be able to use it someday! I don't think Navy2010 comes on here too often, but maybe he/she won't mind if we post the list here for this year's incoming plebes. :thumb:
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    Thanks for posting this, PositiveThinking! It is a good read and gave me more stuff to add to my I-Day notes.
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    More info for I-Day. Navy2010's post is great. The only thing I would add to the plebe-to-be's part of all that is to show up well hydrated. Like increase your water consumption for the two weeks prior to I-Day.

    Parents: They gave away totes last year at the picnic lunch. But you will want one along that day anyway......make sure you pack an umbella. To get a decent seat for the swearing in ceremony, you will need to position members of your party early in the afternoon. And the sun is brutal. The mid store sold lots of umbrellas that day and I believe ran out by mid afternoon. A couple bottles of water in your tote will be welcome throughout the day, even if it not cold. I work outside and was HOT that day.

    You can see your mids, or at least some mids occasionally throughout the day. It is kind of entertaining. They enter at Alumni Hall and about two hours later, board a bus and disembark the bus at the main entrance to the mid store on the North side of Bancroft Hall. They unload the gear and haul it upstairs and into the hall. There is a set of stairs there where you can perch with other parents and watch. The plebes will be freshly shorn and wearing their white works. It's kind of a Where's Waldo experience. You can also see them throughout the day further east where they will be getting issued gear, studying Reef Points, etc. We chatted with lots of parents and really enjoyed the whole day. Hubby and I stayed on the yard all day. Our other kids came and went and ultimately saved us five seats for the swearing in ceremony. They also took the tour from the visitor's center.

    Navy2010 advises NOT to return to the yard on I-Day + 1. I disagree. But it may depend upon your child's temperament. If they are going to dissolve in tears if they see you, then don't go. We are walkers and walked on to the yard at 6 am that day and walked the outer loop. Son tells me there are walkers there all the time. We enjoyed watching the plebes running. We actually ducked behind a dumpster so son would not easily see us. He wouldn't have cared though. We hadn't planned this ahead of time, just got up to walk and went that way. It was comforting to see many chaplains (they wore red t-shirts that said CHAPLAIN) running right along with them. And the Commadant (DANT on his t-shirt!). I left Annapolis feeling my boy was in good hands.

    So, when I went alone for PPW, I asked son on the last day if he cared if I walked on the yard early the next morning. He said, "No, come on over!" I did, and was rewarded with a big smile and a thumbs up as he ran by. I left Annapolis again feeling like all was well.

    I want to re-iterate that I am not, by any stretch, a helicopter or stalker mom. We live far away and don't get to Annapolis often at all. Haven't seen my plebe since Jan 8 when he left after Christmas. Just a glimpse as they run by is enough to leave me feeling like he is doing ok, all is well, etc. Of course, if I thought he wasn't ready to be running (a few were puking that first morning) or he was struggling to be there (met a set of parents who "talked their boy into going into Alumni Hall on I-Day" and were worried sick, then I might not have opted to walk on the yard and chance seeing him. Some parents live close enough to visit the yard during plebe summer and take photos that may be posted on dropshots or other internet sites. Some of us aren't so lucky.

    So, think about your family situation and do what feels right for you. Our collective advice here is worth what you pay for it! It is fun to meet other parents. You are joining a special family, so enjoy the day and soak it all in!
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