NC District 4 MOC Competitiveness

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    Hi all, I am a high school junior and I am very interested in attending West Point for the class of 2023. I am in the North Carolina 4 district, and I was wondering how competitive the state of NC and my district is. I am just wondering because most people that I know know of West Point, but rather want to go to either UNC, NC State, or another state school. Thanks!
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    There is no way to know how many people will apply next year. It just takes one other person in your district to make it competitive. Just do your best.
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    One can never know who will apply in any given year, but given that District 4 includes part of Wake and Orange counties, it's safe to assume you will have competition locally. At the state level, the NC senators typically work together, meaning if you get a nom from one senator you it's unlikely you will get a nom from the other.
    We are NC-4 under the new map and there were multiple USMA applicants from my son's HS for the class of 2021. I know of two students that received nominations from our congressman, but neither received an appointment. I believe both of those students would say it was competitive. Of course, every year is different. But don't assume you won't have any competition. Regardless of where you live and how dazzling your resume is, it only takes ONE other dazzling candidate to turn it into a competition!!