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Jun 6, 2017
Hi, my name is Skyler and i am currently a Junior in hs, i want to know how good of a chance I have based upon the information below, I would also like to know what more I can do to have a better shot, Thanks in advance for all the wonderfull advice. I am 17 and am a member of USNSCC, i have a 3.77 cumalative gpa and got a psat score of 1160 and just took the sat (scores not in yet), I have 70+ hours of community service and was freshmen vice president, Nhs, asst director on a play, golf 9th etc...
OP, no one is going to be able to give you a definitive answer. I recommend you take a look at the class profile for the last few years for each class and compare if you are on track to those averages. Also look around the forum and look at those who have been appointed and posted their stats. It will you gauge your competition as each class usually gets slightly better. Take the hardest classes with lots of math and science. Chem, calc, physics as core. Hard as in AP level if offered. Take the SAT and ACT. Look at the profile for recent stats for the class and know you need to exceed those. Leadership is key. Not just in title but what did you do as a leader. Title and not doing anything with it doesn't do much.
Of the 192 appointees to the Class of 2021...
44% AIM Graduates
Average ACT Scores: 31 E 31 M 24 W
Average New SAT Scores: 674 ERW 692 M 6 W (from Essay)
Average Old SAT Scores: 671 CR 672 M 640 W
Average HS Rank: 12% (includes reported and calculated HSR's)
Average GPA: 3.84 (all reported GPA's are converted to a 4.00 scale)
Average PFE Score: 229

Above are the Early Action Stats for Class of 2021, this should help you focus on areas that you want to improve etc. Just from my basic knowledge, and doing a lot of research on here, I'd be sure you're taking a high level math (AP Calc if it's offered) and a high level science (Physics if possible). Also strong leadership positions as have already been mentioned, although it does seem you're doing well with that. Make sure you show a lot of passion and commitment to whatever extra curriculars you're involved in whether it's sports, music, community service etc. Best of luck! Use the summer to study for either ACT or SAT and focus on a strong senior year schedule!
Thank you NavyHoops and AEB1968. Yes, next year (senior year) i am taking college credit pre cal and ap physics.