Need help waiver/rebuttle process


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Apr 14, 2008
I received the letter from DODMERB two days ago saying that I failed my hearing portion of the physical. I have taken several hearing tests before and have never had a problem.

As I have read in other posts here, the person administering my exam left the room with the door open, returning once in awhile and allowing me to hear conversations and passersby in the passageway. I feel that this is why the exam rendered the results it did.

I know that I can pass a hearing exam if it is administered properly. My questions are: how exactly do i "apply" for a waiver, and if I do receive one, will it affect my plans of becoming a pilot?

Is there any way I could get a hearing exam done on my own and get the results to DODMERB to show them that the test was flawed?

I have tried calling the number on the DODMERB website, but nobody answered. Can i email or fax a letter to somebody to help get this done?

Thanks in advance.
I just noticed in my first message, r-e-b-u-t-t-a-l

alright so i got a hold of the DODMERB people today. The Navy scholarships automatically file for waivers when a test is failed. I have to wait for the paperwork to come from the DOD office and schedule another hearing exam. Im going to use retnavyhm's of the quiet weekend, earplugs and all.

If anybody else has tips for the exam please let me know. I know it shouldnt be a big deal, but id rather be safe than sorry.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply, ill let you know how it goes.
USMAMyer, I don't think you actually have to wait for the paperwork. Check your DoDMERB Concorde site. A couple of months ago, we went through something similar with our daughter - talked to the people at DoDMERB and they agreed to send her for more tests. We were able to go into the Concorde site and schedule right away (or the next day). By the time we got the paperwork in the mail, we already had her test scheduled. In her case it was for a CAT scan, but I think it should still work the same way.

Another point, we were not happy with who they were sending her to for the CAT scan and got our family practitioner to write an order for her to have it done at another location. If they send you to the same place to have the repeat hearing test and you don't think you can get them to do it properly, see if you can't have your doctor's office do it instead. We called the Concorde people and they said it was OK to go out of "the system", but we would have to incur any costs.

Good luck - for us, getting all the tests seems like the easy part (now). Now, we are still waiting for the waiver - she accepted prep school for USCGA last month!
Stitch626, thanks for the heads up. They just changed my status on the dodmerb website and i scheduled my re-examination long before i thought i would be able to (AND at a different location). Now lets hope Retnavy's tips on the other thread help out.

I wish your daughter the best of luck, and tell her i said congrats on her acceptance as that is the hardest part of this process. The rest of this is basically luck, it doesn't require the effort students have to put forth for admission.
Hoping all is going well, USMAMyer, I know what you're going through with the waiver, I've been accepted for a NROTC scholarship myself.

As you said, the acceptance is the hardest part of the process, but based on what you've actually done in your life (academics, extracurricular activities, sports, volunteering, character, etc.), and the rest is almost completely out of your control. It's frustrating, and since you haven't posted back yet I'm assuming you're still waiting. Whatever happens beyond this point, there is nothing you could have done better as I see it. Congratulations on your acceptance and best of luck in whatever career you choose! (pilot maybe?)
Just took my test yesterday. This one was run properly yet the results say I showed slight hearing loss in the left ear. I dont know yet if this test has yielded better results than the last, so all i can do now is wait.

Thanks for the support rjb, and congrats on your scholarship.:thumb: