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    If there is any cadets that are open to help me I would really apprecaite it. I don't think I am quite qualified to go immediatly to the USAFA, so if anyone with some experience getting into LEADS could help me out that would be even better. I am enlisted right now as well if this contributes to anything. Currently I am building my packet, I'm getting my reccomendations but I'm not sure who all I should get them from. If you could e-mail me at EDITED,or just post here and i'll be more than happy to send you an e-mail, with some information on what I need to do, What route you took, or any advice it would mean a lot to me.

    I was told by another to seek advice from current cadets as they can provide the most help having just went through the process or currently going through the process. THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!

    EDITED to remove email on a public forum. Please use Private Messaging instead. It is a much better idea.
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    My timeline went like this:

    Late July 2011 - Found out service academies existed
    Mid September 2011 - Told parents that I wanted to apply for the Air Force Academy (they approved) Started the application process
    Late September 2011 - Took DoDMERB exams and sent in nomination packets (almost missed the deadline for nominations!)
    Late October 2011 - First interview with senator (no nomination was given)
    Early November 2011 - Second interview with congressman (still waiting to find out if I am to be honored with a nomination)
    Mid November 2011 - Focusing primarily on school while still working on application (I still have CFA to take) Also waiting to hear back from DoDMERB about a remedial I had to send in

    I'd definitely look into your options for getting a nomination soon.

    EDIT: Just checked my DoDMERB application status. They accepted my remedial and I'm qualified! ^^
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