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    Hello, so basically I am wondering whether or not I am wasting everyones time in applying to USNA and USAFA. In my Junior year of high school I made the biggest mistake of my life and tried marijuana two times. I accept full responsibility and I have learned a great deal about the consequences of of my actions. I want to be 100% honest with the whole thing, will this keep me from attending the service academies?

    On another note I have drank before as-well. The supplemental health screening questionnaire asks many routine questions but one has got my eye. If I say I have drank 6 drinks in one night less than monthly, I'm I out? I would get 2 points out of 12 on the alcohol questionnaire. Another for saying that I have drank alcohol less than monthly. I know how bad this looks and how many other skeleton free candidates there are but I am determined to do whatever it takes. I swear I am not a bad kid and I don't want stupid mistakes to ruin my shot at my dream job. I would do anything to serve as I just can't see myself doing anything else.

    Thanks you very much for reading about my problem.
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    Interesting....need an HONEST answer....from ANONYMOUS....


    Best you cut and paste your posting; provide full name and last 4 SSN; send to me at I can assist U better from there:thumb:

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