Need some DoDMERB advice


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Sep 27, 2015
DS is a reapplicant. His DoDMERB exam was Oct 2015, passed with flying colors.
He received a letter from DoDMERB asking if he'd seen a doctor for any reason since Oct 2015.
DS wrote that he had a pinched nerve in 2016.
DoDMERB sent a remedial letter asking for a doctor's release regarding that pinched nerve.
DS realizes now that he made a mistake, it was actually 2014 (before the DoDMERB exam). I should have caught that myself.

Does he just call the person listed in the letter to explain this or go through the whole process of seeing the doctor again? The doctor won't sign a release unless he sees him again, most likely taking another xray ($$$) - earliest appointment is 2 weeks away.
Did he disclose the pinched nerve on his original paperwork? If so, I'd just call and explain they already have the info. If he didn't, why not?
It's on his original paperwork, very clear. So now they think it is "recurrent". My personal fear is that someone may think he's lying about a second occurrence and trying to get out of it. He can't make any phone calls til Monday - too many finals today. Just want to arm him with as much info as possible before he does.
I recommend that you have your DS FAX a letter to DoDMERB explaining in detail what happened. Make it clear that there was only one single pinched event and that it was an inadvertent error that it was listed twice. Request that DoDMERB consider cancelling the Remedial based on this. (Keep in mind they can still say no).

After sending the FAX, follow up with a phone call in about a week to verify understanding and if the remedial can be canceled.

Good luck!

DoDMERB FAX: 719-333-3578