NETFOCUS notice of inactive yet NROTC is complete

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    Apr 9, 2017
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    DS received (10 days ago) notice that his NETFOCUS would become inactive if he didn't login within 10 days. Which he does frequently (almost daily) to watch his status (his application is complete and received according to his scholarship placement/selection page). However he received this email:

    "You are receiving this message because 30 days have passed since your last login.

    Your NETFOCUS account has been set to inactive. To reactivate your account you must login to your NETFOCUS account within 14 days and follow the reactivation instructions provided or contact us for assistance.

    This email was auto-generated. Please do not reply."

    Is NETFOCUS different than where his application is now, as he is complete and waiting? Additionally, there is no reference in the email as to whom to contact to inquire further about all of this (it is sent from a "do not reply" address).

    His placement system says specifically "The NSTC Selection/Placement Office has received your application" Nothing is missing, all things are complete. His school choices are listed as his personal information. which to me seems that he is fine. However, receiving this above email is alarming and causing some concern. Can anyone help?