New AF uniforms?

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by NChopeful, May 26, 2009.

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    Its probably kind of a working uniform like the khakis are for the navy. I like how its the 96th Air Force Uniform Board and the AF is only 62 yrs old.
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    This is for a few, specific jobs. The majority of the AF will not be affected.
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    AF Times said the band

    Formal rules issued for informal uniform

    By Bruce Rolfsen - Staff writer
    Posted : Friday May 15, 2009 11:46:11 EDT

    New dress rules are out for airmen wearing the civilianlike “informal uniform.”

    The informal uniform has been a pair of khaki-colored pants and a polo shirt. On bases, you might find airmen assigned to the health and wellness center or other services operations wearing the informal uniform. Airmen who often travel to civilian events, such as honor guards and recruiters, sometimes wear the uniform, too.

    No official standards were set Air Force-wide, resulting in units wearing different colored shirts or pants and different name and unit identifications.

    Now there are rules:

    * Dark blue, short or long-sleeve polo shirt.

    * Contemporary Air Force logo on the upper left chest.

    * Monogrammed functional identification on the left sleeve, such as “fitness center staff” or “USAF Band.”

    * Pleated, khaki-color pants without cuff. Shorts are not permitted.

    * Black belt with silver buckle.

    * Black business casual or athletic shoes.

    * Black socks.

    * Dark blue watch or baseball cap with Air Force logo.

    * Brushed silver name tags with rank and last name.

    * Occupational badges are optional.

    * Dark blue jacket without a removable fleece liner and small Air Force logo on the upper left chest.

    The new standards took effect in mid-May, but units don’t need to complete the change until January 2011.

    The Air Force won’t issue the clothes or items. Airmen and local units still are responsible for buying their outfit and accessories.

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