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Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by BruceRTalbot, Aug 23, 2010.

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    Just read the bio of the new (June 2010) Commandant of Cadets at USCGA after our cadet mentioned a few changes he implemented. All I can say is WOW!

    Capt. O'Connor did 12 years USCG enlisted and earned a B.A. degree "Summa Cum Laude", from Rhode Island College, and then went to USCG Officer Candidate School. He went on to earn a Masters from the Naval War College "with Highest Distinction" and a PhD from Harvard!

    He has served at sea on the cutters Mallow, White Lupine, Bibb, Evergreen, and Campbell, and has won awards for teaching at prior assignments at USCGA.

    My cadet says when a 3/c was injured in a vehicle crash this summer, Capt. O'Connor called the cadet at the hospital to wish him well and not to worry about anything except getting healthy. Sounds like a great guy!:thumb:
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    If this is the same Capt. O'Conner I've heard of......

    he's going to do a great job. If it's not, he will still likely do a good lob, but I've heard some very good things about a LCDR/CDR O'Conner somewhere out there, and that was awhile ago.
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    So far Capt. O'Connor has done a great job. He's really big on uniform and room appearance which is a good thing. His history in the CG is really impressive and his speech to the 4/c was really motivating. I haven't honestly heard a cadet say anything bad against him and I think he's going to move the Academy forward into a good direction.

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