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    Hello, my name is -Bull-. I'm currently a high school Junior. I'm a member of Army JROTC, THE number one marching band in my state, student council, wrestling team, and many other activities. In AJROTC, I'm currently the Battalion C/CSM and a LET 3. I'm the Armed and Unarmed Regulation Drill Team's commander, the Armed Exhibition Drill Team commander, member of Color Guard, Honor Guard, Raiders, Flag Detail, and Battalion Staff. I've been to JCLC twice and am going a third time this summer. I'm currently a candidate to the USMA and USNA. Any other questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for having me on this very informative site.
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    Welcpme Bull and good luck on your pursuit. There are many here who can provide valuable insights. There are lots of good threads here which will allow your perusal of what others have asked and said. Enjoy!

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