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    My son has been selected to go on a mission trip to Africa in May and has been offered a youth leadership position on that trip. Is this the kind of thing he should add to his academy package? If so, is the timing appropriate, given that the apps are to be completed by March 1?

    Thanks for any advice!!
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    Keep Them Coming...

    Yes...these are the kind of things that the CGO expects us to send all the way to I-Day or until they tell us to stop, whichever comes 1st. All updates are allowed even after March 1st.

    It is only the main requirements that are affected by the March 1st deadline, i.e., Medical, CFA, SATs, etc.

    Please remind your son to have a safe trip and have a good time as well! Oh yeah...BTW...Keep running too! :thumb:
    :tomcat: GO NAVY!

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