New London seafood


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Jun 12, 2006
do any CGA parents have some suggestions on where to get some good seafood in the New London area? I'm looking for a good "last meal":yllol: specifically somewhere i can get good crab legs, mussels, and scallops?

thanks in advance:thumb:
Great menu selection-Shoulda gone to Annapolis!

Seriously though, there were a couple of good sea food joints in Nyantic when I was stationed in Groton about a century ago. We were in NL for a ship's reunion last July but was stuck with a bunch of midwesterners that wanted beef. Try Mystic also. It's a great tourist trap but they do have a couple of good eateries on the waterfront.

Our best wishes and prayers to your CGA cadet.
specifically somewhere i can get good crab legs, mussels, and scallops?

I am sure Boss has some terriffic suggestions - but BR - you will be in New England - the seafood is a little different up there........... think lobster - whole and boiled - none of that "lobster tail" crap!:wink: Quite yummy!
Also, steamed clams and fried clams - Ohhhhh they smell good and are tasty too! If you get fried clams - go for the whole clams, not the clam "strips".

Have fun and safe travels! CGA is pretty awesome!
Go to Mystic. There are some waterfront restaurants that are pretty tasty and nice. You can tell the tourist traps from the "real restaurants" in Mystic. Avoid New London and Groton...the restaurants will be packed and they are not good, mostly the normal chain restaurants. We went to a nice place in Mystic on the water with good food and good service, but I'm sorry I can't remember the name of it, just that it was on the right-hand side of the main drag as you came through Mystic, once you were in the town a bit. I remember there was a parking lot across the street from it. They seemed to really like the cadets and cadet families who were coming in. Hope that helps.
Here are a few suggestions:

Flanders Fish Market-East Lyme

Abbott's Lobster in the Rough-Noank

Dock and Dine-Old Saybrook

Go Fish-Mystic

Bank Street Lobster House

Abbott's and Bank Street were featured on Rachel Ray's $40 a day show-bargains.

Dock and Dine and Go Fish a little more expensive

Flanders very good and reasonable.

Lots of choices...enjoy:thumb:
Ditto on Flanders and The Dock and Dine!!

From someone who grew up in the area and even worked summers at The Dock and Dine…

Flanders is very popular with the locals and has some of the freshest seafood around. Think it might be the best choice for scallops…and chowder!! Reasonable prices. Note: it’s not on the water.

The Dock and Dine is down on Old Saybrook's Point where the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound come together. Make reservations early and be sure to request one of the tables on the porch or patio. This section of the restaurant is enclosed with 3 walls of windows and practically built out over the water! A great place to enjoy watching the boats!

Another area favorite is the Griswold Inn in Essex. Inn dates back to the Revolution and is steeped in Essex's “Sailing Masters” history. Serves delicious, traditional New England fare of both land and sea varieties. Can be pricey. Make reservations early!! Open all year. Located in the middle of Essex’s quaint and picture perfect downtown. Several gift shops around. Take your camera!

For lunch or another visit try one the shack-style restaurants you’ll see in the smaller towns, particularly Dad’s on Main Street in Niantic...ultra casual but the fried clams are the best... get the whole clams with the bellies! Think they also have fried scallops. Note: Shack-style restaurants are only open in the summer!

Other local specialties to try are Little Neck Steamers and Lobster Rolls (delicious, but it's not a cheap sandwich). I doubt you'll see much in the way of crab...clams and lobsters are the area specialty. And don’t forget the clam chowder!!
looks like I've got options! I'm looking for a quality place where i can also stuff myself without breaking the bank:yllol: so flanders looks like a good option.

Thanks for help! and by the way i am the future cadet so not being on the water won't bother me, im sure ill see plenty of it in the coming years:smile: