New Pentagon Monetary Policy

I can understand protecting the "brand" of the respective Service Academies - like USMA is doing with the West Point name - but I cannot understand commercializing Army Unit patches....especially the historic Big Red One!!

Will my taxes be lowered now that the Army has a new revenue stream?
I am picturing the Nike swoosh on Sherman names for Forts and Camp Trump-Lejeune or Fort Alltel Benning.....:eek:

Truly, where will it stop? And who gets to decide how to spend the new money???? I kind of thought my elected representatives had the final say in military budgets.

Is it April Fools Day in September?

Noooo.....It was announced by Sears on 9/2. Here is an artlcle with a picture of the logo: least it does not say "Don't Tread On Me".
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Well you can assume it will not make it over to the USCG, as the Pentagon has no oversight there.

I'm holding out. Will this company present it in a tasteful way or just throw a Big Red One on there so people can see it on "the Hills".