New Physical = New Waiver Documents?

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    DS applied to USMA and USCGA in 2015, (USMA 4q'd not selected, USCG waitlisted not selected). DODMERB DQ'd for history of peanut allergy and given USMA waiver based on previous successful treatment by oral immunotherapy. He eats peanuts regularly now.

    Fastforward: DS was recently awarded NROTC 3-year sideload. DODMERB required that he get full new physical because his eye exam was more than two years old , but not medical! Missed it by less than a week. Not really a problem; has both appointments scheduled for this coming week.

    My question is whether the documentation submitted 2 years ago for the USMA waiver will still be available for a NROTC waiver review, assuming that he will be DQ'd again for a history of peanut allergy? Or will he need to submit the documentation again for NROTC waiver authority to review?

    And does the fact that DS was previously waivered by USMA 2 years ago matter at all to NROTC waiver authority?
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    DoDMERB will either approve you or DQ you. If you are DQ'd, then the waiver process begins. Each service academy and ROTC program has its own criteria for granting waivers and the processes are independent. So your waiver to USMA at a given time has no bearing on your waiver chances with another program.