New Squad Assignments


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Jul 20, 2006
Yesterday the 4 degrees found out what their new squadrons will be for the next three years. My son was assigned to Squadron 38. He will be in the same squad as 2011sMom's daughter, so at least he will have one person he knows right off the bat. :biggrin:
For the information of the new people here, the four degrees are put into squadrons for their first year based on their BCT squadrons and flights. Then, at the end of their 4-dig year, they are shuffled to new squadrons. They stay in these new squadrons for the rest of their time at the Academy. The new assignments are made based on balancing the new squadrons with equal amounts of men and women, as well as comparable average GPAs and MPAs. If someone has a relative who is a graduate or the Academy, they can request to 'legacy' into the squadron that their relative graduated from.

I will add that many legacies were denied their requests. And for the first time, people have been reassigned to the same squadron. I know of three people for sure (two of them in my squad) that are staying in the same squad.
There have been people shuffled to the same squadron before. An '09er in 14 was.
Potter would have loved staying in 8, but she has been shuffled into 40. Not very excited about that. Smallest cadet, last squadron, no lunch on Parade days.
Those who were going to stay with their current squadron were moved to a different one; it was apparently a mistake (one of the guys in my current squad was in that situation).