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    Hi all,
    I've been following these forums as a guest for a couple of years, and have always found helpful threads and a supportive community. Now that my son is a cadet at the University of North Georgia, planning to commission with an International Affairs degree and an emphasis on a strategic language (Chinese), I feel it's important for me to start asking questions, and sharing my experiences.

    Several years ago, my son was planning to enlist in the Army the day he turned 18. But even from childhood, his leadership talent was evident. It's been a long road providing him with the resources that would lead him to the conclusion that a college degree before joining the Army was the right choice for him. (He did finally come to this conclusion on his own around his junior year of high school.)

    I have a long history of supporting military families because I believe to the core of my heart and soul that my children and I live blessed and free as a direct result of the sacrifices of those who chose to fight, and the sacrifices of their families.

    I am grateful for all of you who served, and all of you who send your sons and daughters out into the world in uniform to protect me.

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