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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bamabuzz, Aug 2, 2013.

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    I found these forums recently, and I realize as a parent of a new cadet how informative and helpful this site can be.

    I am not from a military background, as I received my engineering degree at Georgia Tech in 1985, but I realize how awesome the military academy education will be for my son. My son is one of the older basics this year, as he found his passion for the air after he initially attended college somewhere else. He thought he wanted to be a doctor, and he was accepted originally in an Early Medical School acceptance program right out of high school, but that turned out not to be where his passions resided. I could tell that he had regretted not choosing to attend the AFA from the start, but sometimes it takes some learning and time to figure out where your passions lie. It was a tremendous blessing that the USAFA still wanted him and offered him a spot!!

    Thanks to the administrators of this site. It is greatly appreciated. I will probably ask a lot of questions, as most engineers tend to over-analyze everything.
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    I had a UPT student that was a Doc, then went through pilot training, and is now a Flight Surgeon that actually flies.
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    Welcome, Bama

    Some pretty terrific folks here that I learn from everyday.

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