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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Navalacademy, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I'm just wondering what you guys think of my extracurriculars understanding that many of the users of this forum are current cadets, parents of cadets, etc. (I'm a current junior, but I'm writing down positions that I will most likely obtain my senior yr)

    9: JV Captain, 10: Varsity 11: Varsity Captain 12:(Won't be able to put this down because tennis is a spring sport)
    11: JV 12: Varsity Cross Country Captain
    11:Varsity 12: Varsity Fencing Captain(Not sure if I will include being captain b.c it is a winter sport and I wanna apply around September)

    President of school UNICEF Club (Hold fundraisers, raise awareness)
    Co-president of the Africa Aid club. (Currently sponsoring a whole school)
    Praise band leader for school Christian Club
    Fundraising Director of Wateraid Club
    Secretary of Physics Team
    Editor in chief (Founder) of a school newspaper
    Volunteer Event Coordinator at Veterans Nursing Home (Make about 5 performances a year)
    Member of the county Habitat for Humanity branch
    National Honor Society Tutoring Coordinator
    Debate Team participant
    Math Team Particpant
    Physics Olympics Participant

    150 hrs-Volunteered in Africa this year renovating a school and taught soccer to the students. Did a research paper on the effects of sports on school production.
    30 hrs-Volunteered at a camp for the handicapped population. I was given the opportunity to take care of a child for a full 5 days. 24/7 care
    75 hrs-Volunteered at a "volunteer camp" We volunteered at charities all day every day for a full week. We volunteered at nursing homes, Rescue Mission, World Vision, and Habitat for Humanity.
    150 hrs-Volunteered at a local hospital since freshmen yr. I was a waiter and wheelchair transport guy
    500 hrs-Volunteered as a taekwondo instructor (Currently 4th degree black belt)
    20 hrs-Volunteered at a Habitat for Humanity Site
    10 hrs -Volunteered at a Veterans Nursing Home

    So how does everything sound? :D
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    Awesome! Just so you know, if it's a secure spot, you can say you're captain of that team. I finished my app in October, but still put that I was Varsity Basketball captain for my senior season, because it wouldn't change from the year before. If it is a sealed deal, you can put it down.
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    Hi. everything looks pretty great to me. One thing I have heard from my BGO is that you should highlight the things that
    1) mean the most to you
    2) you have accomplished a lot in

    That usually coincides with an activity you feel a sort of pride of. Example would be a boy scout and his eagle award.

    It is not so much how MANY extracurriculars you have, but how LONG you have been with them, and the advancements you have made in the program. From my understanding, admissions likes to see loyalty to an activity, and leadership is a major plus (especially in sports)

    Do not forget that ecs do not make up your whole candidate score solely. BGO interview, CFA scores, and academics (60%) carry most of the weight. My admissions officer gave me the mantra "be well well rounded" :biggrin:

    Make sure and highlight your volunteer hours too, those make a big difference, and any leadership in those hours will definitely help.

    Have you heard of the prudential spirit of community scholarship? google it. I was nominated for the state level this year, and with your number of hours, i would look into applying for it next year (around august) it is a very good scholarship to have.

    Also take a look at: 2015 Class Portrait.pdf

    That should help as well. PM me if there's anything else I can help you with! Good luck! :smile:
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    You have more than enough in theory. in theory- no one can a made a checklist of musts to be appointed. From what I see, your EC's and sports are adequate.

    Focus on what you like doing and stick with it. There are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week; everyone can only do so much and be active in it.
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    Thanks for all the information!

    I was also just wondering what the actual application looks like and how much I can actually put on there.

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