Are the USMC FY 2018 O-7 selection board results out yet? I could not find in a cursory search. If not out, then there could be a delay while results are still being vetted. There is an acting SECNAV right now, which could be a factor. January seems a bit early for 1-star results; late spring is what sticks with me.

It's a flag-maker job, until it's not, for some.

This is what happened last year:
I probably jumped the gun on that...just scuttlebutt at this juncture. Thanks for info.
CAPT, can't believe they are that naive to allow the related person to sit that board. While I am not a fan (Alternative Combo Cover, choker whites for females, etc) SECNAV did the right thing, regardless of covering his back or the integrity of the board, or both, was his intention.

This is the current verbiage from the Navy enlisted board application regarding relatives:

3. List all relatives and any other relationships per BUPERSINST 1401.5B, para 4d and 4e, that are in the Navy (Active/Reserve); include full name, rank, component, and relationship. If none, so state.
Commandant shortened to Dant. As you know the military nomenclature and slang shortens everything.
Of all the weird slang terms "Dant" has to be near the top.

Of course, there's "DepDant" too. Not sure when they came into use. Not during DH's time. It was around in the 90's.
Because he is the Supe and I think oversees the Dant and doesn't have a dent anywhere. Nice house and garden though with some great pictures from DD and SIL wedding.
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