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Aug 13, 2008
A little intro about me:

My name is Meghan and I'm from a small town along the Delaware River. I attended West Point's SLS in 2008! Applied to west point but wasn't granted a waiver for vision. After wanting to go to West Point for about 10 years by dreams needed to shift because after all it my goal is to be a commisioned officer in the U.S Army. About 15 minutes after being hysterical because my dreams were "ruined" I applied to the Merchant Marine Academy and Coast Guard Academy. Out of the two I seemed to have been more partial to the CGA. The only reason I visited the Merchant Marine Academy was a call from the Volleyball coach there. As soon as I started on my overnight visit it felt comfortable to me. I loved the academy. Looks like I'll be qualified both academically and physically and once again will be waiting on a waiver. Hopefully the waivor will let my dreams continue. I think this might be the path I was suppose to take. Thinking that maybe everything does happen for a reason. Trying to stay optomistic because from here on out its all in the hands of the academy.
We are glad to have you here! Best of luck to sure to let us know when the waiver comes through. :thumb: