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    This is what my DS sent me on Facebook. If you notice, this is a message to all Plebe Candidate so it is right out of the "Official" horses mouth.

    Plebe Candidates:

    In March, when the Logging document was prepared, the Academy intended to acquire a laptop, desktop printer, and flash drive on your behalf. The invoices for Midshipman Fees were produced in early May reflecting all three purchases. Due to procurement issues involving the Trade Agreement Act, the Academy will not be acquiring a desktop printer for your use. Recent changes in federal security rules make it unlikely we will acquire a flash drive on your behalf as well.

    You will receive a refund for these two items. The Office of the Academy CFO will share the details and form of this refund shortly.

    In the immediate future, the Academy will be installing networked, multifunction printers throughout the barracks buildings for your use. These devices print, scan, and copy.

    You may elect to purchase your own desktop printers. You may purchase any printer you choose as long as it connects to your laptop by a USB port on the laptop or via Bluetooth.

    If you have any questions regarding this email, please address them through the appropriate chain of command.


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    Thank you so much for sharing. That clears up a lot of questions.

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