Next steps after notification of NROTC scholarship?


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Nov 16, 2017
My DD (currently a HS senior) was notified on 2/22 that she is an NROTC dcholarship winner and it was placed at Georgia Tech. GT was listed as her 1st choice school when she did her application back in September. She has been admitted to GT via early decision.
She has also applied to USNA (and she has been admitted to a bunch of other institutions, and besides USNA we are waiting to hear from several Ivys she applied to as regular decision).

Can someone outline the next steps?
We haven't received a packet in the mail yet. Does she accept the scholarship even though she's a USNA hopeful? How does she go about accepting?

What if she is accepted to a school that wasn't on her original 5 school list (that has NROTC) and she wants to attend there-- like an Ivy, for example, but Ivy decisions wont be out for another month (3/28-4/1)?

I really need a step outline on what to do. We are a non military family but are over the moon at our DDs commitment. Just trying to help...and understand...

I can address about accepting the NROTC scholarship: it’s simply a button she pushes on her portal. There isn’t a packet she receives. I believe I recall a handbook of sorts that can be downloaded. Most will advise to accept her scholarship ASAP, as it’s non-binding until contracts are actually signed. There is also a method for requesting a transfer from one school to another. I have no experience with that but it’s not a unique request and you can find info in her portal about it.

If she receives an appointment, then she has to make a decision to make. And what a wonderful decision to HAVE to make!! There are many threads here about accepting both an appointment and holding a NROTC as “plan B” until closer to I-day (both in the USNA and NROTC FORUMS) . But a scholarship may be held until I-day as a back up. This is all info I have found and been told to me as we are in that very situation, as are others.

Accept that scholarship asap though and congrats!! Nothing coming in the mail!! DS accepted his back in November and hasn’t received anything to date from Mr. Postman
She should go ahead and accept the scholarship online. There's no packet to wait for before accepting the offer. Accepting the scholarship won't have any bearing on the USNA decision outcome. She can still wait for their decision.

As far as getting selected to an Ivy school not listed 1-5 on application, she would need to contact NTSB/Pensacola (contact info on her portal) to discuss scholarship being transfer/reassign to that school's NROTC unit for her. Not sure what if that's possible or policy would allow scholarship be assigned to one of the 1-5 schools.
Yes accept the scholarship since it is non binding. Also leave the scholarship at GT. If she is accepted to an ivy and chooses to go there over GT there is a NROTC transfer request form that DD fills out and if there is availability at the school the scholarship will transfer. NROTC programs at the ivy's rarely fill up, so there is very little risk.