NJ FIRST All Service Academies Winter Ball 2012

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    Dear Parents, Cadets, & Alumni,

    Please consider attending the NJ First All Academy Services Ball on Saturday, December 29th.
    The event is being held at the Historic War Memorial in Trenton, NJ. Tickets are still available. The committee is doing a great job to make this a memorable event for all of our cadets/midshipmen. Please see the website link below for additional information,


    Please pass this information along to other parents, cadets & alumni.

    Ursula Accumanno
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    have fun!

    Best of luck to you on a successful Ball.
    We have attended the All Academy Ball in our state and they are just fabulous!!! Can't wait to go back in a few years (post sea trips) when DS is a 1st classman. It's an incredible time at your dance.... hope it's a huge success! :thumb:

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