No mail today...


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Sep 24, 2008
did anyone else get any news of any sort from CGA today?

My son did get some good news yesterday on a different front... but not the CGA news he is waiting for.
It appears (based on Objee's comments yesterday*) that the "Admissions Status Change Date" on the DODMERB web site was just a random event with no input from the USCGA.

*(Objee stated that no new CCEB reviews have taken place on deferred candidates and they would most likely not be reviewed again until March)

As I said in another thread, the “Admissions Status” comes directly from the admissions office of that particular program (USCGA in this case) and DoDMERB only posts the information.

The "change date" is usually only updated when a change is actually made, although I can remember last year when that field would randomly change without reason. Perhaps that is what is occuring now.

Keep your hopes up! There are many more appointments to come, start reading that Parent's Guide now! :thumb:
Nice! Enjoy. Also, remember those first parents you meet on Day 1. Parents really get to know each other, become friends and keep in touch for some time.