No military experience, not in ROTC, how to become commissioned?


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May 27, 2017
Up until this year, I had planned to graduate a year early from college with a B.A. in Political Science and minoring in digital media & social media studies at SDSU(this is the only minor they offer within the journalism and mass media department). However, I want to become a Public Affairs officer within the navy, but am not involved in ROTC/NROTC. I tried looking up on the navy site on the paths to being a commissioned officer but couldn't find a path for becoming a Public Affairs officer... Can anyone point me in the right direction to getting on the correct path for this position? I am willing to stay in school for an additional year to double major in Political Science and Journalism with an emphasis in public affairs and money is not a concern-I'm fortunate to have college paid for by grandparents (if NROTC scholarship plays a role in this)
First off, you need to hug your grandparents until they tell you to let go of them.

How far along are you in school? If you are just starting out, you can join the NROTC unit without being on scholarship.

Truthbetold, I don't believe that they have a pathway that leads directly (and only) to becoming a PAO. They might, but it is not something that I'm aware of.

Lastly, send your grandparents a thank you note.
Try speaking to the NROTC Recruiting officer at SDSU or USD (host unit) regarding OCS.

Not sure if you are eligible, but it is worth a try.
PAO is not an option out of NROTC, just URL communities. Contact an officer recruiter at your local Navy Recruiting District. NROTC units have no connection with OCS are not the place to go for information on that pipeline.